Are you a dirty girl?

Dirty Girl Mud Run
Team Muddy Fun Bags

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Noblesville, IN

May 12, 2012

Team: Muddy Fun Bags

My Name: Ethnic Nipples

5K Run Obstacle Course (non timed)

Still sore from my first half marathon the week before, I was a little hesitant about participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Every time I stepped with my left leg, I would get a shooting pain from my left hip down my thigh. But there was no way that I was going to back down. Lame! Besides when else would I get to wear a shirt with tata’s on it? My friend Kizzy designed our team shirts with tata’s on the front and our individual tata name on the back. Naturally, I was ethnic nipples.


The 5K obstacle course was set up at Deer Creek (yes I will always and forever refer to it by this name). The Dirty Girl event is an all female team obstacle course. It isn’t timed nor is it a race by any means. It’s meant to be fun and carefree. Crazy outfits and team names are strongly encouraged.

The obstacles were spaced out over the 5K course. We attempted to stay together as a team as much as possible to help each other through the obstacles. The obstacles had hilarious names and consisted of:

  • H20MG – water pit
  • The Hangover – hanging tires
  • Barn Burner – hay bale climb
  • Loop de Loop – tire weave
  • Tire Pump – tire high step
  • Just Get Over It – wall climb
  • Utopian Tubes – tunnel crawl (in mud and water)
  • Get A Grip – cargo net
  • One Ugly Mudder – mud hill scale and descent
  • Jail Break – fence jump
  • PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff) – mud crawl at the finish
Cargo Net
Cargo Net

The two obstacles I was most terrified of were the cargo net and the wall climb. I’ve never climbed a wall and wasn’t quite sure how I would accomplish this. Once we reached the wall, I noticed there were small notches of wood that I could grab and pull myself up with and then step on. Not too shabby for my first and only wall climb. The cargo net was a different beast. I’m terrified of heights. Climbing up the net wasn’t as bad as climbing down the other side. Going down backwards and not seeing where you are stepping…scary with a capital S.

No woman left behind.

The last obstacle was the mud crawl, but we didn’t get the memo that we were to crawl through the giant mud puddle. We were so excited to finish that we just ran through it. It was when we saw the teams behind us actually crawling through the mud on all fours that we realized. So we went through the last obstacle a second time…the correct way.


Muddy and wet, it was the perfect Saturday with some of my favorite ladies. There was no pressure to run a certain pace nor to finish in a certain time. It was a day of camaraderie, outrageous outfits, and girl power (yes I said it). And to  top it off, we even had our own cheering squad! Our fiancés, boyfriends, husbands, and male friends came to support us. I mean, what male wouldn’t want to watch hundreds of women roll around in water and mud?!

Ethnic Nipples, Kat-Nip Licious, Big Juggin’ J, Kizzle My Nizzle, TaTa Tina, Double Bubbles
We clean up nice! Team Muddy Fun Bags later that evening.


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