The Color Run

The Color Run

The Color Run

Indianapolis, IN

July 28, 2012

Team: Neon Unicorns

5K Run (non timed)

Bryan and I had just got back from our honeymoon in France and we were in bliss. Also a little tired from all our adventures and jet lag. While unpacking, doing laundry, and getting my life together (this is when I go through my planner – nerd alert – and look at the upcoming weeks to get prepared for work, workouts, social activities etc etc), I realized that The Color Run was in a couple of days! It seemed like a fantastic idea when I registered, but I had an extremely eventful summer and I had not ran a single mile in over two months.

I registered for the event back in the spring and was overly excited about creating a team name. I wanted ‘Run the Rainbow’ but it was taken along with ‘taste the rainbow,’ ‘taste our rainbow,’ and every fun play on color I could think of. So finally I settled on Neon Unicorns. I have no idea how that popped in my head, but it seemed appropriate. Our team was a small group of four – me, the husband, my girlfriend and her beau.

I called girlfriend on my way to packet pick-up and she put the spark back in me. She had bought us white tutus to wear during the run! For anyone who doesn’t know, The Color Run is a 5K run and participants wear all white. At each 1K, runners stop at a color zone where volunteers throw a specific colored powder on runners. So by the end of the run, participants are covered in five colors. It’s a fun run, not a race by any means.


On the morning of, girlfriend and her beau picked us up at our apartment. Her beau didn’t want to wear his knee high Color Run socks, so I wore them. Girlfriend and I were twinsies! The runners started in waves and we were in the middle of the pack. I started to run at my half marathon pace two months prior thinking I was still conditioned…wrong! I was tired after the first 1K! It was hot, muggy, humid, and I was still on euro time. According to euro time I should have been napping on the beach in Nice.

I could not believe how quickly I was out of shape. I could barely run 3.1 miles compared to the 13.1 I ran at the beginning of the summer. Well at least we had to stop every 1K to get color thrown on us errrrr I mean to rest. I had to get back into running somehow after our wedding and honeymoon hangover, so at least it was a fun 5K with friends versus an actual race.

Girlfriend and I at the finish.
Follow my girlfriend Leslie at the Adventures of Lesalina

At the end of the run, we were covered in colored powder and had smiles plastered on our faces. I mean, how could you not smile when surrounded by people in tutus and crazy outfits sprinkled with neon colors?! It totally brings out the kid in you. Even my fur baby Carson wanted to participate.

Carson lounging on my tutu after The Color Run.


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