Finding My Strong

My motivation and inspiration.

I started CrossFit four months ago, and I absolutely love it! I was tired of my gym routine, and going to LA Fitness just wouldn’t cut it anymore. I couldn’t bare to run on the treadmill for longer than five minutes after having run outside during the spring and summer. I didn’t weight lift and I usually embarrassed myself on the machines struggling to figure out how those fancy contraptions worked. The only time I really enjoyed going to they gym was for spin class. Hot yoga was and still is amazing and my on and off again running needed something to compliment it. That’s when Bryan’s best friend and his wife suggested I try CrossFit. They had been involved in CrossFit for a year and were coming to Indy for a competition and suggested I come with them to check it out. I mean, it was only a mile down the road from my apartment so why not?

I  met them at CrossFit Naptown where the competition was being held. I was immediately in awe at the fitness level of the participants in the competition. The male and female competitors were in excellent shape and were doing crazy lifting moves and skills that I had never dreamed of doing. The amazing thing about it was that they were normal sized. They weren’t the meat head, ‘roided out weightlifters I’ve seen on tv. I made up my mind then and there. I was going to start CrossFit.

I had never weight lifted in my life so I was a little scared but excited at the same time. I signed up for the intro class to get more information regarding CrossFit and to have some baseline skills tested. That following Monday I went to my first official CrossFit class and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been going to CrossFit Naptown for three days a week the past four months and will continue to indefinitely. After being a part of the CrossFit community, I know I’ll never be happy at a regular gym again.

Many of my family and friends ask me what is CrossFit. CrossFit is a fitness program that optimizes fitness, and it consists of varied functional movements performed at high intensity that are meaningful and measurable over time. CrossFit is also about the community that develops when people do these workouts together.

A typical day at Crossfit consists of a ten minute warmup, twenty-ish minutes working on strength training or skill work, and then ten to thirty minutes of the WOD – workout of the day. The warmup, strength and skill work, and WOD vary each day. They are posted online before I get to CrossFit. No more figuring out what workout I’m going to do at the gym, no more embarrassing myself on some high tech piece of equipment to work out my abs or legs, no more getting stuck in the same dull routine.

Trust me, I’ve had my love/hate moments with CrossFit, but overall I’m addicted. And fitness is a great addiction to have. To me CrossFit is about finding both my inner and outer strength. It’s about getting out of my comfort zone. It’s about achieving a level of fitness I didn’t think was possible until now. And it’s about being a part of a community that pushes each other to achieve our goals.

If wanting to get better acquainted with CrossFit check out If interested in trying a CrossFit intro class or starting CrossFit, check out our box CrossFit Naptown!

Fitness Never Sleeps.


One thought on “Finding My Strong

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