Drumstick Dash 2012 Recap

Shishys before and after

Drumstick Dash (4.65M)

Indianapolis, IN

November 22, 2012

Time: 44:04   Pace: 9:28

Overall: 2926/5755

Gender: 1024/2813

Age Group: F25-29, 210/566

After running four half marathons and cheering on Bryan during various half marathons, marathons, and triathlons, it was time for something fun with the family. Thanksgiving is about family, giving thanks, and the food! Like most people, we tend to celebrate Thanksgiving with glutinous habits. How can we not with all the turkey, ham, stuffing, and pumpking pie?! I thought it would be great to start our morning with a family run before Thanksgiving dinner. Insert Drumstick Dash here. The Drumstick Dash is a competitive 4.65 mile run or 2.5 mile walk/run in Broadripple Village in Indianapolis. All the proceeds go to the Wheeler Mission Ministries.

I registered Bryan and I, and then annoyingly pestered my sister for weeks to sign up with little luck. Bryan’s parents, Gary and Connie registered and they registered Josh, Bryan’s brother as well. Even Bryan’s best friend, D.J., registered. I couldn’t persuade my parents to sign up since they were hosting Thanksgiving dinner and would be getting the house ready and preparing all the food that morning. But a few days before the race, my sister Cassie finally registered! Woohoo! It would be our first sister run together! My sister is rather athletic herself, playing competitive soccer her entire life and playing Divison 1 soccer at Georgia Southern University under scholarship for a year before transferring to UGA. Yes, our family likes dirty south universities (Clemson and UGA). Who would win the battle of the sisters?

The morning of the race was frigid, but how could we not enjoy the race when surrounded by people dressed up as turkeys, pilgrims, and Indians? Bryan started near the front with Josh, D.J, and Greg. Who would win the battle of the men? Cassie and I started in the middle with our friends Sam and Kimsley. Gary and Connie started later in the 2.5 mile walk/run race.

Turkey Day Love

Not having ran in over a month and forty degree weather did not fare well for my body. But I had a pace in mind and I was going to stick to it. My sister and I started off together, but then she ran a little ahead of me. I kept her in my sights the entire time. After mile three, I finally felt warmed up, and sped up to catch her. When I caught up to her, she was hurting a little from Burlesque Bingo the night before. She hung with me for a few minutes and then I ran ahead of her for the last 1.5 miles. I beat my little sister! But not by much, she finished thirty seconds after me at 44:31. Not only do we look alike, but we run alike too! Bryan won the battle of the men finishishing at 28:35 with a 6:09 pace! Gary and Connie finished not too long after us.

Bryan, Greg, D.J., Sam
Persian sandwich
Top: The Schmidts plus D.J.
Middle: Siblings
Bottom: The Schmidts (I’m an official Schmidt now too!)

Although it was freezing outside, it felt good to wake up early and run as a family and for a good cause. All the proceeds went to Wheeler Mission Ministries. Unfortunately, there was one cloud that loomed over this wonderful event. The event was held in Broadripple Village and a large amount of particpants parked their cars in designated parking areas off-site. A lot of the runners left their wallets and phones hidden in their cars so they wouldn’t have to run with them. However, dozens of cars were broken into during the run and their valuables were stolen. One of the cars that was robbed was a police officer’s car and along with personal belongings, the gun and badge were stolen as well. Fortunately, we parked our cars in a residential area of Brip by our friend’s house. But shame on those individuals that found it necessary to break into participants cars and steal their valuables. Those runners selfless-ly woke up early to run in the cold on Thanksgiving morning to raise money for the Wheeler Mission. All the runners and volunteers of the Drumstick Dash were showing their thanks by giving back to the community. Shame on those thieves who acted so selfishly on Thanksgiving morning. Despite this shameful act, the Drumstick Dash raised over $600,00 for the Wheeler Mission. Overall, it was a great day for the Indianapolis Community. I encourage others to give up an hour of their Thanksgiving morning next year to support our community. It’s a great way to show your thanks before your feast.

Thanksgiving Day Dinner @ The Elrods!
The Elrods – don’t worry Mom and Dad…we’ll get you to walk/run next time!


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