Strip ‘N Run

Strip ‘N Run Finish

Strip ‘N Run

Indianapolis, IN

April 13, 2013

5K Run (non timed)

I was on the fence about registering for the Strip ‘N Run. It sounded like a good time, but the weather this spring has been so up and down I was hesitant about running in the cold…again. Then we happened to get a warm spring day that put me in an extra happy mood and itching for a fun activity outside. The image of runners stripping down to their undies made me laugh to myself so I decided to register both Bryan and I. Besides, I did have clothes that I needed to take to Salvation Army anyways, so why not strip them off for charity. All of the clothes would be going to local charities.

I thought it would be hilarious for Bryan and I to strip down to our underwear or bathing suits. However, the day of the event was cold and windy, typical Indiana weather: unreliable and unpredictable. There was no way I was going to strip down to hardly nothing with it being 50 something and winds at 17 mph. So I wore my running tights and long sleeved running shirt with about 8 layers of clothing to strip off. Over my running clothes, I had on a pair of short, two skirts, 5 tank tops/shirts, a cardigan, a sweater dress with belt, and my clinic white coat. Not sure what someone would need my clinic white coat for, but you never know. I thought my 8 layers was a lot, but when we arrived at the event, there was a ‘show me your layers’ contest and the person with the most layers had on thirty something layers of clothing I believe.

Pre Stripping

All those layers definitely kept me warm, but after a few minutes of running, I was getting a little too warm. It was also difficult to run. My arms and legs felt constricted. I felt like the little brother in the movie The Christmas Story that had on so many layers under his snowsuit that he couldn’t get up after he had fallen to the ground. But it was worth it, and I couldn’t help at laugh at how silly everyone looked. It definitely was not a large event, however, we did cause quite a scene. Onlookers had to have wondered what was going on. Crowds of people running through downtown in mismatched everyday attire.

entering fountain square

At approximately every 1K mark, there was a designated stripping station. The stripping station consisted of a DJ playing burlesque music to “strip” our clothes off to. The clothes were collected in cardboard boxes to be taken to local charities. With each layer removed, I felt myself getting lighter and faster.

Me in the yellow stripping down
Bryan stripping on the run.

Although it was cold and windy, there were a handful of brave souls that stripped down to their underwear. It was hilarious watching people running through the streets of Indy in cheetah print bikini underwear. My favorite stripper was the elderly gentlemen in the picture below that did just that. By the end of the race, he was left with only his running shoes and cheetah underwear. Amazing.

My favorite stripper.

Even though the run was non timed, there was still a clock at the finish line. We crossed around 30:41. This includes our stripping time, which took me awhile to take off all my layers. So we probably ran around a 9 min mile pace. Not too shabby for feeling like an over stuffed sausage while running. But the important part is that by the end of the run, the event raised over 5,000 pounds of clothing for charity.

After the stripping

At the end of the day, I’m glad we ran the Strip ‘N Run. It was lighthearted and fun. And honestly, I think it was the first time I’ve ever ran with a smile on my face. It was exactly what I needed to get my mind off my training and also give back to the community. Lately, I had been so consumed with running a sub 2hr half marathon that I had lost the fun in running and working out. It was just what the doctor ordered. We continued our day of fun by celebrating my parents’ birthdays that evening at the Ball & Biscuit and with tacos and tequila at Bakersfield Mass Ave.

Happy Birthday Mom & Dad!!


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