Juicing is the new black.

My new juicer!

After learning that I have early onset arthritis in my back, I decided to make some changes in my lifestyle. First and foremost, my diet. I researched which foods have anti-inflammatory properties and which ones cause inflammation. I was not too surprised at the list. My mom being the over anxious worrier that she is (which I love her for that) immediately went out and bought me a juicer. I told her repeatedly that it was unnecessary, but she insisted. Along with the juicer, she went to Costco and overloaded on fruit and veggies.

For those of you who know me well, you know how I feel about those crazy juicers. It’s a fad, it’s for those people who want to lose wait but not workout, I can just eat the fruit to get the nutrients, etc etc. Insert foot in mouth here….I am now one of those crazy juicers.

I will admit I had briefly thought about doing a 3 day juice cleanse from Natural Born Juicers after the Mini and Geist Half Marathons before my marathon training begins. Natural Born Juicers in City Market cleanse consists of 5 juices per day for 3 days. It seemed so easy and convenient. I wouldn’t have to purchase a juicer and ingredients, make the juice, and clean up afterwards. I don’t have time for all of that with my already packed schedule. And three days seemed the appropriate amount of time. I have friends that have done a 7 and 10 day juice cleanse….starvation central.

Now that I have my own juicer, thanks to my amazing mom, I might as well start juicing. My juicer came with a recipe book (thank goodness because I’m not domestic). I went to the grocery store and bought a few ingredients that would compliment the ones my mom had already bought. My first juice: Morning Zinger. It was very easy to make and surprisingly refreshing! Oh no, I might get addicted now. The only thing I didn’t like was the clean up of the juicer, it really only takes five to ten minutes though and is easy to take apart.

carrot juice
Morning Zinger Juice: Apple, Carrot, Ginger, Parsley

Instead of doing a juice cleanse, I decided to incorporate a daily juice into my diet. Every morning for breakfast I will make a juice. Although I now have to get up thirty minutes earlier every day, it’s well worth it. I absolutely love it. The first week I used the recipes in the book. The second week I started to stray from the recipe book and experiment with what fruit we had. I can’t go wrong either way because they all taste amazing! I’m now starting my third week and I can definitely see why people get addicted to juicing. I feel great starting my day with all those fruits and nutrients. I feel refreshed and awake like I’m ready to start the day. And it has to be good for my arthritis with all the anti-imflammatory properties of the ingredients. And mysteriously my back has not been hurting the past two weeks while I’ve been juicing. Coincidence?

I have yet to try the juices with spinach and kale. Those scare me. The green juices scare me. I will eventually try them, I just have to work myself up to that. I have come to the realization that I am consuming more nutrients by juicing then what I would if I just ate the fruit whole. I was not eating enough fruit daily to compensate for the amount of nutrients in the juice. I would simply get too full eating all that fruit. I also read online that since the nutrients are in juice form, your body absorbs it better. The one thing I don’t like about juicing is all the leftover pulp. I feel bad for the pulp. It makes me feel wasteful. I need to find a way to use the pulp somehow. If anyone has any suggestions for the leftover pulp please share!

Berry Blast Juice: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lemon

Now that I’m juicing I feel that my body is heading in the right direction. It’s a small change with a big impact. And I like the way it makes me feel. It’s something that I can keep in my daily routine indefinitely. It’s also fun making concoctions and experimenting with different fruits and ingredients. I’ve been using ginger and mint in some of the juices, I love them but Bryan gets a little leery with the non fruit ingredients. I believe he said, “I’m drinking a plant.” Just wait until he tries the green juice! It’s coming for both of us! Until next time, it’s time to juice up!

Afternoon Pick Me Up Juice: Apple, Grapes, Lemon, Ginger, Mint

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