Swim + Bike + Run

Since my CrossFit hiatus, I’ve had to find another exercise to take it’s place. That activity is swimming. Thinking back to what three doctors and a chiropractor have told me, “Don’t do what hurts.” Well let’s see….what hurts: wall climbs, box jumps, and squatting with weight. What doesn’t hurt: yoga, running and now spinning and swimming. This is what I know until my rheumatology appointment in July for more blood work regarding my early onset arthritis. I ultimately want to get back into CrossFit, even if that means scaling way back, but until I run the Geist Half Marathon, I’ve renewed my love of spinning and started swimming, just to be on the safe side and make sure I’m completely pain free for my run.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been to L.A. Fitness, let alone gone to spin class. While my CrossFit account is on freeze, it’s time to unfreeze my L.A. Fitness account. Just the thought of going back to a regular gym made me shudder. Even the smell of the gym and all the sweaty bodies and machines and rude people in the sauna that talk really loud make me cringe. Regardless, I went to a Friday spin session and got my ass handed to me! But it felt great. I had forgot how much I loved spinning until that moment. Spinning oh how I’ve missed you!

Insert swimming here. I took swim lessons as a kid like everyone else, had swimming in P.E. class in middle school and high school, but haven’t really “swam” since. I am scuba certified and in high school dove in Florida, Aruba, and Mexico. I’ve swam 100 feet below the surface and even done a night dive, but I have the safety of my wet suit, BCD, fins, snorkel, mask etc. So where do I even begin?

First I needed a swimsuit….say what? You mean my string bikinis won’t work? Not exactly. I searched the web for a swimsuit that would be appropriate for training. Dick’s, Speedo, TYR, trisports, you name it. I feared the one piece. I haven’t wore a one piece since middle school. And the optician at work, who was a collegiate swimmer, said your suit is supposed to fit realllly tight. I immediately thought of the dreaded camel toe. Holy moly. Two piece it is. I found the perfect two piece training suit on the TYR website. Along with my suit, I bought a silver swim cap. Bryan gave me his extra pair of goggles.

My new swim gear!

My suit had arrived. No strings, no sequins, no animal print. Just gray and black. Simple and sleek. I guess it was time to go to L.A. Fitness again. Bryan went with me. He needed to get in some laps for his upcoming Olympic triathlon. Surprisingly, I wasn’t afraid, I was excited. I even joked around with Bryan that I was going to be a better swimmer than him. I didn’t even do my little oh no the water is too cold dance. I jumped right in and started swimming. It was like riding a bike, minus the bike and add the water. Bryan was impressed at how good I was doing. I felt like a fish. It felt invigorating. We were in the pool for over an hour. I didn’t want to stop. I was like Dory in Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming. ” I’ve swam two other times since then with Bryan critiquing my form to make me more efficient and faster. I’m already looking forward to swimming regularly after the Geist Half.

I was going to register for the Muncie May Triathlon (sprint) as my first triathlon. However, since the weather has just started to get warm, the water will be cold and I don’t want to invest in a wetsuit yet. So instead, I registered for the sprint duathlon. My first! I’ll be using my hybrid Trek (her name is Gisele, she’s French) and just having fun with it. No pressure on myself.

Swim + Bike + Run = Triathlon. Apparently, I was made to be a triathlete because these three activities do not hurt my back and I enjoy doing them. So the time has come for me to change the tagline of my blog from “a strong fit CrossFit-er and marathon runner” to “a strong fit marathon runner and triathlete.” It did make me sad and tear up again removing CrossFit from the tagline. I will eventually get back into CrossFit, but it won’t be the focus of my training as it once was. So even if i have to scale everything, I’m going to do it. I can’t bare the thought of lifting at L.A. Fitness, makes me want to convulse. And I need to get my strength training in somehow, so CrossFit see you very soon!

But for now, triathlon here I come! I’m already registered for the Tri Indy Sprint Triathlon in August. Again I will be using my Trek hybrid just to make sure that I enjoy triathlons before I give an arm and a leg for a tri bike. Nonetheless, I’ve already started looking for tri bikes. Here are my top three tri bikes.

1. Trek Speed Concept 7.0 WSD  – hello lover, I’ve had my eye on you for awhile now. I love the color scheme. And how could I not love a Trek considering that I already have a Trek hybrid? Christmas present? I better be good this year!


2. QuintanaRoo Kilo – again love the color scheme. I saw it at T3 Multisports and it didn’t look as intimidating and scary as other tri bikes I’ve seen. I was immediately drawn to it. Bonus: Bryan and I will have matching tri bikes except his is black, haha.


3. Cervelo P3 – can’t mess with tradition. Do you see a pattern with the color schemes I like? Apparently I like white, black, and red (those were also my wedding colors).


Until I get my big girl bike, I’ll just have to keep swimming. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Me on my Trek Hybrid at The Hilly Hundred 3 yrs ago.

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