Road to Chicago Weeks 1-3

My new training shoes! New Balance 890v2

The first six weeks of my marathon program are all about building base mileage. I finished my first three weeks and so far feel good, but the big mileage hasn’t started yet. My first week called for minimum mileage with my longest run that week being an 8 miler at easy pace. I finished all my workouts as mapped out and felt on track. However, my left shin and achilles still felt sore, even though I took six weeks off of running after the Geist Half. It was time to get new training shoes, my Nike Pegasus are shot. I’m saving my Nike Flyknits for races only. Bryan loves his New Balance 890v2 for training and racing, so he suggested I try them. Since the new model 890v3 are out, I got the v2 for half price! Score! Runner’s World ranked them as a top ten running shoe and a great workhorse for training. Exactly what I need. Week 1 total mileage: 20.5 miles + 1 hot yoga vinyasa session & 1 CrossFit WOD.

Week 2 started out strong until I had to move workouts around since I was in a wedding that weekend. That Thursday I had a hellish day at work. I love what I do – helping people see and literally opening their eyes to better vision. But with that comes stress and exhaustion. Some patients are taxing on me mentally. That being said, Thursday I left work feeling absolutely drained and didn’t get home until 7:00 pm. So instead of running my 4 mile progression run, I opened up a bottle of wine and drank with my sister on the rooftop of our building. It was much needed. I couldn’t make up that run Friday because we had to go to the rehearsal dinner right after work, so I got up early Saturday morning to run before I had to get hair and makeup done for the wedding. Sunday, I was scheduled for a 9 mile run, but after the wedding, we went to Plat 99 to celebrate one of my besties birthdays. My sunday was spent laying in bed, eating unhealthy food, and napping. Lots of napping. I slept in late, ate, napped while laying out on the rooftop, ate, napped while watching a movie, ate dinner, then fell asleep after True Blood. It was like my body was trying to tell me something. Sleep. Need sleep. Week 2 total mileage: 12 miles + 1 hot yoga vinyasa session.

I was already dreading week 3 because I knew I had the 9 mile run to make up at some point. I ran my intervals outside on Tuesday with my new training shoes! And I absolutely love them. I didn’t realize how broken down my Pegasus running shoes were until I put on my new shoes. What’s weird is that I’m starting to like running my speed workouts on a treadmill because if I set the pace on the treadmill, I have to run that fast or I’ll wipe out. But outside I can convince myself to go slower. My mind and body are not in sync right now. So naturally, my 8X400m intervals were slower this week. I averaged a 7:15min/mile pace whereas last week on the treadmill, I averaged 6:40min/mile pace. Also what I’ve noticed the past few weeks is that when I have to do a race pace run, I feel like I can’t run that fast and my legs feel heavy even though my marathon race pace is slower than what I ran in the Mini. And no matter how fast I try to move my legs, I feel slow like I’m running through mud and I can’t get to race pace. But the days that I have an easy or long run, I run race pace and faster. It’s like I’m more relaxed mentally on easy days so my body naturally gets in stride and runs faster. It’s like my body doesn’t feel warmed until I’m already done with race pace or tempo run. My nutrition might be off as well. Even though I have a snack right after work to give me energy to run, I’m not getting enough nutrients. I need to rethink my pre workout snack. On a good note I did make up my 9 mile run on Sunday and I felt great. My left shin wasn’t bothering me, I felt energized, and I naturally ran at race pace instead of easy pace. Go figure. Week 3 total mileage: 17 miles + 1 hot yoga vinyasa session.

Entering week 4, I still need to make up my 6 mile run from week 3 that I had replaced with my 9 mile run and a 4 mile speed session. My goals for weeks 4-6 are: work on my running form (keep my shoulders back), relax mentally, get in all my workouts even if I have to skip a social outing, foam roll, ice, and use trigger point ball daily, stay relatively injury free, and get in all my big runs before we leave for Thailand! Cheers to 3 weeks down and 15 more to go!

Sometimes I just need a rest day.

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