Road to Chicago Weeks 4-6

Week 4: 4(3)M Progression Run….Carson likes to photo bomb.

Six weeks down, twelve more to go. I can’t believe I’ve survived one third of my marathon program. The milage itself has not been difficult, but I was getting frustrated for feeling slow during my runs. I had to remind myself that I took 6 weeks off from running before my program. So I have to rebuild the speed I had during the Mini back in May.

Week 4 was a breakthrough. After weeks of feeling frustrated and slow, I finally got my speed back not to mention some decent milage. I had a great race at the Firecracker 6 with an average pace of 8:28 and finished off the week with a solid 11 mile run at easy pace. Week 4 total mileage: 28 miles.

Week 4: 11M Run

My momentum kept up for week 5. I had a short easy run to start the week, followed by a moderate distance at easy pace, and then my best tempo run ever. It was a 4(3) mile tempo run at 8:00 minute miles. I felt great. I was speedy and light on my feet. At one point I looked down and my pace was around 7:45 minute miles. It was just the run I needed to get my confidence back in my running and training. Friday was a rest day because I had a hair appointment….I woke up blonde and went to bed a brunette. It was time to go back to my dark side. I went blonde for 9 months just to say I’ve been blonde(and something that I’ve always wanted to do before I turned 30). Saturday was also a rest day because I was cheering on Bryan during his Ironman 70.3 Muncie. That Sunday I had a 12 mile run. For some reason I waited until the hottest part of the day. Big mistake. It was over 90 degrees and excruciatingly hot. I was miserable. And slow. But I did finish off the week on a high note…It was Bryan and I’s one year anniversary! We celebrated by having dinner with our family at Buggs Temple where we were married and then cut our wedding cake top and had wine that we purchased in France on our honeymoon. All on the rooftop of a penthouse in downtown Indy. Amazing. Week 5 total mileage: 25 miles.

week5 tempo
Week 5: 4(3) M Tempo Run….another Carson photo bomb
Woke up a blonde….went to bed a brunette.
Bryan Ironman 70.3 Muncie
1 Year Anniversary. Forever Love.

Week 6 was chaotic. I started off the week with a terrible migraine so Monday started off as a rest day. I was getting ready to leave for Thailand on Thursday, so my schedule at work was slam packed so I could get in all my patients before I left for vacation. Tuesday was interval day. And Wednesday was supposed to be a 9M run day but instead turned into dropping Carson off at my parent in laws and finishing packing. I couldn’t sleep a wink because I was so pumped for our trip. Bryan woke up at 3:45am and went for a 16 mile run, whereas I slept a few more hours and went for a 6 mile run. And just like that we were off on our Thailand adventure. Week 6 total mileage: 9 miles.

Packing for Thailand. Carson wanted to go too!
En route to Thailand!

Entering week 7 in Thailand, I was hoping to work out everyday while on vacation. I’ll save that post for next time…..


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