Road to Chicago Weeks 10-12

week 10
Week 10: 5M Tempo Run

Week 10 needed to be strong. I started out with a 5 mile ride on my new triathlon bike just to get familiar with it while Bryan was running. Tuesday was a rest day. Wednesday was an 8 mile run at easy pace, however, I felt really good so ended up running race pace. Thursday was another rest day. I felt really drained and groggy all day. Friday I ran a 5 mile progression that started at 10:00 minute mile pace and ended with an 8:14 minute mile pace. Saturday I had to work and when I got home from work I took care of Bryan. Bryan was really sick with gastroenteritis and couldn’t keep anything in his body, so I took a rest day to play nurse. I ended the week on Sunday with a 17 mile run, my longest run thus far. I created a new route that consisted of a full loop around the canal and zoo then headed towards downtown. Once downtown I was already at 8.5 miles and half way done. From there, I ran to Fountain Square and then to Mass Ave and up the Monon to get the leftover miles before heading back home. I averaged a 10:43 minute mile for easy pace. I felt good. My legs were sore but not unbearable. My new route definitely kept me entertained and kept my mind busy so I couldn’t convince myself to stop short. Week 10 total mileage: 30 miles + 5 mile bike ride.

My sweet tan line from my 17 mile run.
Obviously I had to get Steak N Shake after running 17 miles.

Week 11 wasn’t so great. Probably my lowest mileage of my training program. As previously mentioned, Bryan was sick with gastroenteritis and had to go to the ER Monday night due to dehydration. So obviously, no running for me. I was so worried about him and needed to play nurse again. Tuesday I had an optometry meeting after work, again no running. Wednesday, it was my turn to get sick. I had a pounding headache and chills all day at work. When I got home, I immediately went to bed with a 101.4 degree fever, chills, headache, and nausea. Thursday I still had a fever of 99 degrees and had a doctors meeting after work. Friday I miraculously felt okay, but I had to drive to Louisville right after work for Bryan’s Ironman. So far zero miles for the week. Saturday morning I woke up early to run 18 miles around Louisville while Bryan set up his transition area and got in some warm up miles on the bike and swim. I should have mapped out a route in Louisville, but instead I winged it. Outside our hotel was a sign for a running route called Louisville loop. I had no idea how far it went nor where it would take me but I decided to go with it. So I started running and followed a male and female in front of me. Yeah, I was a creeper. The route took us along the river towards a sketchy, isolated train station. The route turned so it led over the train tracks. The male climbed over the parked trains to stay on the path. The female and I turned around. I decided to listen to my gut on this one. So running back the way I came, I started to see other runners. It was as if all the spouses of the Ironman triathletes were getting their runs in while their husbands and wives were setting up for the race. I took another path still along the river and ran over a walking bridge that gave me a beautiful view of Louisville. I don’t run with my iPhone however, I wish I had for this run so I could take a picture. At mile 9, I knew I couldn’t run another 9 miles. It was hot, humid, and miserable despite the scenic route. At this point I made the decision to cut my run short and only run 13 miles. Sunday was spent cheering on Bryan during his Ironman – race recap to follow in my next post. Week 11 total mileage: 13 miles.

week 11
Ironman Louisville

I desperately needed to catch up on mileage for Week 12 since I missed so much the week prior. Monday was a rest day. I had planned on going to yoga, but I got out of work too late. Tuesday I ran 8 X 800 meter intervals with a 800 warm up and cool down on the treadmill because it was 90 degrees outside. Wednesday I had planned for an 8 mile run at race pace. Bryan already feeling good after his Ironman ran with me. This run quickly turned into a 6 mile run at easy pace. It was the hottest day of the year and the heat index was over 100 degrees. My clothes felt like I had jumped into a pool. Thursday evening I had to pack for Miami and Bryan and I had a dinner date at Harry & Izzy’s. Friday morning wheels up! I was Miami bound on a 7 a.m. flight. I wore my running gear on the plane because I had every intention of running when I arrived. But when I landed in Miami, I desperately needed a drink after getting in a fight with a mom on the plane because she didn’t purchase a seat for her two year old son, but instead had him sit on her lap and obviously they were seated next to me. Long story short, the toddler ended up on me the entire flight and the mom yelled at me and caused a scene on the plane because I didn’t want her son on me. Pretty much worst flight ever. Flight attendants came over mid flight because this mom was screaming at me and hitting her son and cussing at him. Awesome. Mind you there were only two seats for me, the mom and her son, not three. Oh and the toddler didn’t have pants on. Just a shirt, diaper, and shoes…..inappropriate! Get your diaper juices off of me and put some pants on, you’re in public! So naturally, when I landed, I immediately went out for brunch with the girls and had mimosas. I did end up running one day while in Miami. Saturday morning, I woke up early for a 6 mile run at race pace. I wanted to run double that, however, I needed to get back to the house to get ready for the bachelorette party shenanigans. Again, I wish I had my iPhone with me during this run in Coconut Grove because it was gorgeous! There were wild peacocks on the road and sidewalks, palm trees, beautiful art deco homes, and cyclists everywhere. One of my favorite runs of training. My mind and body were in sync and I was enjoying every minute of it. I thought to myself, I have to do Ironman 70.3 Miami and the Miami marathon in the near future. The rest of my labor day weekend was spent bronzing, boozing, and dancing on Star Island, Mango’s, LIV nightclub, and yachting in Key Biscayne. I love Miami and missing a few run days to live it up with my sorority sisters in Miami was well worth it. Week 12 total mileage: 17 miles + swimming in the pool and ocean (does that count as cross training haha).

week 12
Yachting in Miami and Key Biscayne
Rap video?

Although I was hoping for weeks 10 to 12 to be solid foundation weeks with high mileage, they were not. I did get a few solid tempo and distance runs in while balancing traveling to Louisville and Miami. I wouldn’t trade those trips for a few more miles and runs. Seeing Bryan finish his first Ironman and spending labor day weekend in Miami with my best friend and sorority sisters were two of the best weekends of 2013 (and Thailand too!). So hopefully with weeks 13 to 16 I can get back in my groove with some great runs before I start tapering.


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