Hey girl, I like your snatch.

And because who can’t resist Ryan Gosling complimenting your snatch?!

I started this post awhile back when I first started CrossFit last October, but just now remembered to finish it…a year later haha. So now that my marathon is over, I’m able to get back into CrossFit. I initially planned to go to CrossFit every Sunday during my marathon program, but life happens and I would have to move long runs to Sundays. Now that I’ve been back at CrossFit the past two weeks, my snatch has been revived!

When looking at the WOD for each day, sometimes it’s difficult to decipher if I’m going to CrossFit or participating in some sort of risqué behavior when I see “snatch” and “thruster.” CrossFit has some sexual names for their movements. Or maybe I’m just a 12 year old boy in a 30 year old female’s body. I’ll go with the latter. I can’t help but giggle every time I see the WOD posted online or at the box when it includes workouts such as these.

Snatch and Thruster WOD 2 weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I was working on my snatch technique and my coach was describing that moment when you finally get a snatch with great form and he described it as the ‘magical moment of the snatch’. I almost lost it. I had to keep myself from bursting out loud with laughter. I may be 30 now but the word snatch will always make me giggle like when someone rips a fart in hot yoga. It simply makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time.

So I’ve compiled a list of CrossFit movements that could be interpreted in a different light and that also make me laugh.

Snatch: The event of lifting a barbell from the ground to locked arms overhead in a smooth continuous movement OR a beautiful term for a female private part.

Thruster: Hold barbell in rack position, drop down in squat position with barbell in rack position, return to standing position in exploding motion (thrusting), pushing the barbell over your head OR what two frisky people do to each other after a drunken night in Broadripple.

Box Jumps aka BJ’s: An exercise where you jump onto and down from an elevated platform OR no explanation necessary.

Wall Balls: Using a medicine ball, drop into a front squat position and stand up using the momentum to push the ball to hit a target on the wall OR male balls…by a wall.

Clean & Jerk: Lifting movement of moving weight to rack position (clean) and then moving weight above head (jerk) OR a sexual encounter with oneself.

Rack Position: Bar resting on your collar bone and anterior deltoids supported by hands OR boobs!!!

So next time I go to CrossFit, I’ll try to keep the laughter to myself, but if I can’t you all know why. Happy snatching!

Well said.

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