Drumstick Dash 2013

Drumstick Dash 2013

Drumstick Dash (4.65M)

Indianapolis, IN

November 28, 2013

Time: 40:35:09   Pace: 8:43

Overall: 1644/5041

Gender: 449/2399

Age Group: F30-34, 50/326

We continued our tradition from last year by running the Drumstick
Dash Thanksgiving morning. I was excited to run it again and improve on my time and not have the same pressure on me as I would for a half marathon. It will probably be one of the few ‘fun runs’ I keep in my race schedule (along with Firecracker 6) because it’s a fun distance, it’s for a good cause, I like making a tradition of it, and it feels good to get in a run before stuffing myself with all the Thanksgiving food and not feel guilty about it afterwards. Let’s be honest, if I had not signed up for the Drumstick Dash, I would not get up early on turkey day to workout. I would be sleeping in my warm bed.

I was a little bummed that my sister wouldn’t be running it with me this year, but she did just get back from Vegas the night before. And Bryan’s parents wouldn’t be running it either. But we did have some of our other friends join in on the fun! And one our friends wore a banana costume. Considering how cold it was, I think he was the smart one with all that material to keep him warm.

The temperature when I woke up that morning was 20 degrees and with the wind chill it felt like 10 degrees. Brrrrr. Per usual, I asked myself why do I torture myself by paying to run in the cold when I could be sleeping in. But once I start running I remember why I do this.

When I initially signed up for the dash I wanted to run a 7:30 min/mile to really push myself to see what I could do. I had the intention of continuing to keep a running regimen after the Chicago Marathon and Malibu Half but I rekindled my love affair with hot yoga and CrossFit instead. I could count on one hand how many times I had ran since the marathon…four runs. A 7:30 pace was definitely out of my reach, so I decided that 8:30 would be much more doable.

I’m usually the queen of wearing too many layers, but on this day the more the better. I wore running tights, a long sleeve shirt, running jacket, headband and gloves. I did however, but a heating pad on my back and hand warmers in my gloves. I think I actually restrained myself on the layers. Bryan was proud.

Trying to keep warm before the run.

We waited a little too long with our friends at our meeting spot, so by the time we walked over to the start, I didn’t have enough time to get in my ‘Swift Turkey’ corral. My friends and I were fighting our way to get closer, but the start was so jam packed with people that it was struggle to get closer to the front. I have no idea where I started in relationship to where I was supposed to start towards the front. I guess it didn’t matter too much since I wouldn’t be running my initial pace that I had previously planned.

When it started I was so cold that I just started running to keep myself warm. My fingers were frozen even with the hand warmers and I couldn’t feel my toes. I felt like I was running on stumps. I was a pirate running on peg legs. I kept my hood up and it was zipped up covering part of my face to keep in the heat. Did I mention my running jacket is bright red? I looked like Kenny on South Park.

I wasn’t even paying attention to my pace because I was so cold. I was running to keep warm. I did look down during the first mile and I was running an 8:15 pace. Maybe there is something to this cold thing. It makes me run faster so I can be done quicker and get out of the cold. I obviously started too far back because I was passing everyone. I mean everyone, I wasn’t getting passed at all. I was playing runner frogger dodging people and weaving in and out. I eventually just zoned out and listened to my tunes. My watch became hidden in my jacket sleeve and with my gloves I couldn’t pull it out to check my pace so I had no idea how fast or slow I was running. Oh well! Towards the end of the race, I managed to pull it out and see I was around 8:50. At least it was under 9:00 minute miles. And finally after 40 minutes of running in 20 degree weather I was finished! Bryan finished in 29:40 so he had to be freezing waiting for me. Sorry babe!!!!

Turkey time!

After I finished, we bolted out of there. Our friends weren’t back at our meeting spot yet, and we didn’t know when they would finish so we decided to go on our way. We immediately went to Starbucks. I had to get my salted caramel mocha latte to warm my bones! It was well deserved.

I like our Drumstick Dash tradition and want it to continue each year. I hope that next year we can get our families to participate with us. Even though I didn’t run my initial pace that I had planned, my pace was still 45 seconds faster per mile compared to last year. I’ll eventually get to that 7:30 pace, maybe next year.


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