Carmel Training Weeks 4-6

Week 4: food poisoning and spray tan coming off.

I had really high hopes for week four. I was through the first three weeks and now finally in a routine and mentally prepared for training. Week 4 was going to be monster. Well not so much. Monday was a rest day because I got a spray tan after work for New Year’s Eve. Once the spray tan or should I say air brush is applied, it has to sit for 8 hours before showering, sweating, or anything. So that night while lounging around in my spray tan, Bryan and I ate Yats for dinner. My fave. However, when I went to sleep that night I started to feel a little nauseated. At 1:45 a.m. I woke up with my stomach in a knot and ran to the bathroom and started violently vomiting. Yats is delicious going down, but coming up is different story. Vomiting it disgusting all it’s own, but puking up spicy cajun was painful. My esophagus and throat were on fire. I had tears streaming down my face, there goes my spray tan. And then well, the same thing happened out the other end (I’ll spare you the details). So I get back in bed and then 30 minutes later, my stomach was in a knot again and I ran back to the bathroom to vomit and then some. This vicious cycle continued until 7:30 a.m. Not to mention, I had a low grade fever. Awesome. Well I had to call into work, something I never do. Luckily it was only a half day because it was New Year’s Eve. So at 8:00 a.m. I finally fell asleep. Waking up at around 1 or 2:00 p.m. my sister came over to take care of me. She brought me pedialyte and sprite to settle my stomach. I couldn’t even keep water down that morning but now I was able to drink some pedialyte and eat applesauce. So Tuesday, Wednesay, and Thursday all I ate and drank was applesauce, pedialyte, and water. I either had gastroenteritis or food poisoning. I’m going with the latter because Bryan and my sister were both taking care of me and neither of them got sick. How could my beloved Yats get me so sick?!?!?! So no running for me. Friday I was starting to feel better but I didn’t want to risk working out since I was still weak from lack of nutrients. Saturday Bryan and I went to Chicago for a New Year’s getaway. We spent 4 hours walking around the Field Museum and then went out for dinner and drinks. I thought maybe I would have a chance to workout while in Chicago but we were having so much fun exploring it just didn’t happen. Bryan woke me up at 3:30 a.m. that Sunday morning because we were about get get a massive winter storm. It had already been snowing since Saturday evening in Chicago and the roads were completely covered. We left Chicago at 4:30 a.m. because Bryan was afraid we wouldn’t make it back to Indy due to the storm. It’s a good thing we left when we did (Thank you hubs) because I-65 S leaving Chicago was scary. It was dark, cold, windy, icy, and snowy. After driving for an hour, I finally fell asleep in the car. In and out of sleep, I overheard Bryan talking on his cell and stating the roads were okay where we were in Indiana. However, south of Lafayette the winter storm got crazy and we had to go very slow. And this was just the beginning of the storm. I-65 looked like a snow covered country road, not a major interstate. We didn’t see any plows and there were numerous slide offs. It took us just under 4 hours to get home when it normally takes us just under 3 hours. When we got home, I immediately went to bed since we had only had three hours of sleep the night before. When I woke up it was a winter wonderland outside, gorgeous but freezing. Bryan braved the weather and went out for a run. I decided to keep my no running streak going by having another rest day on Sunday. I cuddled with the fur babies in my sweatpants the entire day and night. Week 4 Total Mileage: 0. Big Fat 0.

After my disastrous week 4, I had some major catching up for week 5. Now I know this goes against all running advice I’ve seen on Runner’s World and from seasoned runners. I shouldn’t try to make up all the days I’ve missed because it could lead to injury, but I missed an entire week. So Monday I did a 45 min cycle on the bike trainer and then an easy three mile run. All of Indiana was shut down Monday so I couldn’t leave to go to the gym for a swim or yoga. And due to the polar vortex, the windchill was -35 degrees so basically we had to stay indoors. Tuesday I went to work for a half day and after work I did another 45 min cycle on the bike trainer and a 3 mile easy run. Wednesday was a hot yoga session. A girl needs some heat during this polar vortex. Thursday was a rest day. Friday was another hot yoga session followed by a 4M progression run. Saturday was a long easy 12M run. This was my longest run ever on a treadmill. Yikes! I told myself just to run as if I were outside. Set the pace and break it up like outside with water and a gel. So I ran the first 6 miles straight through. Took a few minute water break and had half a gel. Then I ran 3 miles and took a mini water break and finished my gel and finished with the last 3 miles. My ave pace was 9:39. Not bad for the ‘dreadmill.’ Sunday I finished the week off with a 7 mile run at easy pace followed by a hot yoga session. Week 5 Total Mileage: 29 miles + 2 biker trainer sessions + 3 hot yoga sessions.

week 5
Week 5: 4M progression run and hot yoga
week 52
Week 5: 12M Run long easy

Week 6 was difficult for me. It was a six day work week for me (Monday thru Saturday). Monday I started off the week with hot yoga. Tuesday I cycled for 45 min on the bike trainer. Wednesday was a rest day because Bryan and I were house hunting all evening after work. Thursday I had a massive migraine. I get a migraine once a month like clockwork. Despite the headache I ran an easy 3 miles on the treadmill before going to my friend’s 30th birthday party. Oddly the only time my head wasn’t hurting was while I was running. Friday was going to be a 4 or 7 mile run but by the time I arrived home from work I didn’t have time due to our Tri-Loco triathlon team meeting. Saturday I had to work but I was determined to get my 11M long easy run in. At 8:00 p.m. I turned on the SAG awards and ran my 11 miles. I broke it up again. It felt strange running so late in the evening. After my run, I showered and went to bed, I didn’t even eat dinner. So that brings me to today. I was going to run a second 11 miles at easy pace to make up for my missed 4 and 7 mile runs. I had gone to hot yoga this morning and right when I sat down to eat lunch, I got an emergency call from the hospital regarding a patient. Not only did I have a six day work week but I was on call. The patient needed to be seen immediately. So on my one day off this week I had to go into the office to examine the patient and make the proper referral. I was at the office for two hours. By the time I arrived home it was late afternoon/early evening, I still had not ate my lunch and I had a second massive migraine. So what did I do after my 7 day work week? I sat on my couch and ate Reese’s Pieces, my favorite candy. So that’s that. I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get those miles in. But what can I do? I can either dwell on it or I can move on and work my ass off during week 7. Week 6 Total Mileage: 14 miles + 2 hot yoga sessions + 1 bike trainer session.

Week 6: 11M long easy. Carson helping me get my fitness on.

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