Carmel Training Weeks 16-18

With three weeks to go it was time to start tapering and my body needed it more than ever. I felt like I’d been in a car crash both physically and mentally. To keep motivated, I already set out my race day gear so every time I went to my closet it was staring me straight in the face and whispering ‘stay the course’ (that sounds creepy haha).

Race Day Outfit

Week 16 started out with my typical hot yoga vinyasa class on Monday. I was a little more careful during class not to hurt my right leg anymore than it already was. Tuesday was a 5 mile run at easy pace and it was extremely painful. I didn’t think I would be able to get through it. My right quad, hip and knee felt like they were going to explode. I literally took it one mile at a time at a very slow pace. At one point I thought I might stop and get on the bike trainer but I toughed it out. Still in pain, Wednesday and Thursday were both rest days with foam rolling and icing. Friday was a hot yoga session and Saturday was a 50 minute bike session on the trainer. Sunday ended with another hot yoga session and foam rolling and icing. My mind wanted to run but my body physically wouldn’t let me. Being so close to marathon time I thought it would be best to stay off my leg as much as possible when it came to running. Week 16 Total Mileage: 5 miles + 3 hot yoga sessions + one bike trainer session.

Week 17 was also a very light week for me. Still frustrated that my leg was hurt/injured, I needed to not run as my plan prescribed. Monday was a 40 minute bike trainer session and my right leg felt completely fine on the bike. Tuesday was a 4 mile easy run on the treadmill. It had been a week since I ran and I switched to my new running shoes – Adidas Energy Boost, so I was eager to run. My right quad and knee didn’t hurt but my hip was still sore. Overall, much improved from the week before. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all rest days. They didn’t mean to be but we purchased a home and with all the excitement that goes with it, I had a lot going on. Besides my legs could use the extra rest days. Saturday was an easy 4 mile run on the treadmill again and I had minimal pain and felt strong. Sunday I had planned on another easy moderate distance run, but I just felt blahhh for some reason. I think the stress and pressure of my marathon and injury, our new house, and getting things ready for the Carmel Marathon on a sponsorship level at work finally took a toll on me. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and read the Divergent Series…so that’s what I did. Week 17 Total Mileage: 8 miles + 1 bike trainer session.

Adidas Energy Boost

Week 18 is here! It’s the final countdown. Monday started off with a rest day. Mentally I wanted to go for a short run but I had to hold myself back and just relax because coming off an injury and having a marathon this weekend I needed to not overdo it. Tuesday was an easy 3 mile run on the treadmill. It felt great. Very little pain in my right leg. Wednesday was another 3 mile easy run and again I felt great and mentally ready to take on my marathon on Saturday. Today, Thursday, was a rest day, but I still was in marathon mode making signs for our water station at Mile 20. In a previous post, I mentioned that my employer, Lanter Eyecare, is one of the sponsors of the Carmel Marathon. Not only are the pacers wearing technical running shirts with our logo but we are also manning the mile 20 water station. Obviously,  I want our water station to be the best and most memorable so Bryan and I made fun signs for the runners. Bryan and my friend Liz were also instrumental in designing our Lanter Eyecare sunglasses for the pacers to wear during the race.

Water Station Signs
Pacer sunglasses.

Friday morning I’ll be finishing off my training with an easy 2 mile run in the morning before the Expo. I’ll be at the expo all day representing Lanter Eyecare. So let’s just say all aspects of this marathon will be on my mind. I won’t be able to escape it. But it should be fun being on the other side of the expo as a sponsor. I’ll be talking to runners about the benefits of UV protection with sunglasses, LASIK, cataract surgery and eye examinations. Our optical manager will also be there selling frames and sunglasses. We will have a prize wheel for runners for a chance to win designer sunglasses, travel coffee mugs, and tshirts. It will be long day on my feet, so hopefully I preserve some energy for Saturday. The runners will also be receiving participant guides with our ad in it. Look at my stud in the ad!

Bryan in our Lanter Eyecare ad!

It’s hard not to put pressure on myself for this marathon. It’s my second so I know I can run a marathon and this time I want to run faster, sub 4 hours. It’s not out of reach, just under 10 minutes faster than my first marathon. I’ve been practicing positive visualization to build my confidence. My only concerns are that I’ve had minimal runs outside during this training plan due to the polar vortex and my recent injury. The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful this Saturday and my leg is feeling good right now. But not only do I want to succeed for myself, but also for Bryan – my amazing husband that has helped me through my training and my work marketing for the marathon,and finally for my employer and coworkers since we are a sponsor and they are volunteering their time for our water station. No pressure, no diamonds right?


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