Indy Dash 5K Beer Run & Tasting

Indy Dash 5K Beer Run & Tasting10417782_10101422849769578_4636650127218002709_n

Indianapolis, IN

May 24, 2014

5K Run (non timed)

I knew I wouldn’t be working out much during the week of the Indy 500. There was a lot going on, so much to do, and I just wanted to somewhat relax while I could before my major training begins in late June/early July. So needless to say, I haven’t been running that much. I immediately jumped in bed Friday after work and didn’t move until morning. I was in a little bit of a funk and Bryan said I should go run or workout to snap out of it. My reply…I don’t want to. With a surprised look on his face he left for his run while I lay in bed watching 80’s movies.

I woke up Saturday morning somewhat refreshed and eager to take on the day. My plan was to run in the afternoon after our pleasant walk to brunch in our new neighborhood. I had a Facebook invite for the Indy Dash 5K Beer Run & Tasting in my invite pile for weeks but didn’t really pay much attention to it. I didn’t realize Bryan was involved with the event because he had yet to mention it to me until our walk back from brunch. So I thought, I might as well make the 5K my workout for the day. A nice, easy run with free beer and food afterwards. How could I say no to that?!

The event took place at Towyard Brewing downtown Indy, a new brewery that had just opened. I went early with Bryan while he set up. I wasn’t planning on racing competitively as the event was timed but not as a competitive run with a chip timer on a bib or shoe. Just a start time at the beginning and then upon finishing you can see the overall time for your finish time. It wasn’t an official time that would be submitted anywhere. It was more of a fun run. So I decided to just run and see where my body took me.


I lined up at the start in the middle of the pack. When it started I had to dodge a lot of people. Yah, I wasn’t racing, but I wasn’t planning on walking either. So by the time, I passed people to get into a comfortable pace I was running around 8:10 pace. Hmmmm, a little fast for nice, easy but oh well I guess I’ll just go with it.

The course ran on South St. to Virginia Ave. where we headed into Fountain Square. Once in Fountain Square we made a little loop and ran back to the start. Simple out and back course. There was one chick in front of me that was really pissing me off. She was a ways ahead of me so I made it my goal to catch her. She was running fast then she started walking, this should be easy I thought. But as soon as I was right behind her, she saw my reflection in the window of the buildings and took off sprinting full speed. I was not about to surge with her, nice and easy remember? After she sprinted for a minute or two, she started walking again. So I caught up and then as soon as I was behind her she saw my reflection (yes, I could see her looking at the reelections on the windows) she took off sprinting again. Seriously? This happened about three or four times and finally after the turn around in Fountain Square I had enough and surged with her passing her and leaving her behind. I didn’t see her again after that. Finally I could get in my groove and just enjoy my fun run.

When I crossed the finish line, I was asked my name, apparently I was the third female overall with my 8:12 ave pace. Woohoo! It made me wonder if I would have actually put down the speed if I could have been first. I never place at anything so this made me feel a little proud of myself. Not too shabby for a fun run.

After the race, I got a sport bag and tasting glass and got in line to taste three of Towyard’s brews. I also got two free beer tickets for two full size beers. Woohoo!!! And there was free food of pulled pork barbecue sandwiches, baked beans, mac ‘n cheese, and cole slaw. Totally hit the spot to kick off Memorial weekend in Indy.

Bryan w/ Turtle’s parents after the race.


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