Blue Mile Brew Mile

Brew Mile

Blue Mile Brew Mile

Indianapolis, IN

June 4, 2014

1M: 7:28

I had brought my yoga gear with me to work on Wednesday with the intention of getting a nice hot sweat session. Midday I started to get my usual monthly migraine so being in a heated room for over an hour didn’t sound too appealing. The only activities that seem to resolve my migraines for the time being are sleeping or going for a run. Not really sure why running makes it go away for awhile, maybe all the endorphins. And since it was National Running Day, I thought it would be best to run .

I was browsing the internet during my lunch break and saw that the Blue Mile was holding one of its Brew Mile runs in Broadripple that evening. Seemed like the perfect way to celebrate National Running Day, run a mile and get a beer. I texted my sister at work and she was down to run with me.

Since we live in South Broadripple, we ran up the Monon from our house to the start of the race at Three Wise Men Brewery, an easy 2 mile run. Once there, we registered and waited around for the start. The mile run took place on the Monon, a half mile down and back, simple enough. I’m sure other runners/walkers on the Monon thought it was weird that a herd of people wearing race bibs were crowded on the Monon.

I wasn’t trying to really race, just enjoy my run and get my beer afterwards. We got in line towards the front though so we wouldn’t be stuck behind slower runners or walkers. At the “GO” we were off. There were the typical freaky fast dudes sprinting ahead. I started out around a 7:45 pace, nothing crazy. There were two girls that sprinted past my sister and I. I just had a feeling that they wouldn’t be able to hold that pace. Thirty seconds later, they were walking and we zoomed past them. Don’t really see the point in sprinting for 30 seconds and then walking, but to each their own. The first half mile went by really fast and for the second half, I decided to pick up the pace a little. I set my eyes on a person in front of me and picked off people one by one. Then with a blink of an eye it was finished. One mile. I finished at 7:28.

Probably one of my fastest miles ever and I wasn’t even pushing as hard as I could. Kind a made me wish that I would have gone all out to see what I would have ran. My sister ended up clocking 8:04. It was a good thing we both ran fast because we didn’t have to wait in line to get our beer. We both opted for the IPA, probably not the best choice considering that we still had to run the 2 miles home afterwards. We took our time and enjoyed our beer.

Beer me.

After finishing our beers it was time to run home. Two miles normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but two miles while intoxicated was a little tricky. Definitely had a little buzz going on since I had not eaten since lunch. I felt like we were running so fast but when I looked at my watch we were at an 11:20 pace. Ha! Apparently tipsy running makes you feel like you are flying when actually you could probably speed walk faster.  We made it home in 23 minutes. Probably my slowest miles ever clocked. Oh well, at least we had fun doing it. Happy National Running Day! Cheers!


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