Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #2

Indy Sprint Tri #2 PR

Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #2

(500m Swim / 10M Bike / 3M Run)

Indianapolis, IN

July 19, 2014

Time: 1:22:30

Overall: 321/431

Gender: 89/142

Age Group: F30-34, 12/17

Swim: 13:47   Pace: 3:00   Age Group: 10/17   G: 89/142   O: 291/431

T1: 2:53   Age Group: 17/17   Gender: 121/142  Overall: 356/431

Bike: 39:22   Pace: 15.2   Age Group: 15/17   Gender: 106/142   Overall: 375/431

T2: 2:06   Age Group: 11/17   Gender: 88/142   Overall: 297/431

Run: 24:20   Pace: 8:06   Age Group: 4/17   Gender: 40/142   Overall: 172/431

Penalities: 0

I went into this triathlon with confidence. This was my second time racing on this course so no surprises. I had my usual pasta and salad the night before and went to bed early….for me at least. The next morning I got up at 5:15am, got dressed, and had coffee, applesauce, and a picky bar. We were out the door by 6:15ish and arrived around 6:45ish. Perfect timing to park, pick up my packet and get my transition set up. I did have my moments while getting ready and in the car of why am I doing this?!?!?! It’s so early and I desperately want to sleep in! I was a grumpy bear.  I’m blaming it on the cold because once again on race day it was 58 degrees. Seriously? It’s mid July. Every single time I have a race, the temperature decides to drop.

After setting up my transition my grumpiness slowly started to fade as I prepared for the race to start. On the bright side it was wetsuit legal, water temperature was 73 degrees. It was nice to have my wetsuit on to keep me warm. As I walked over to the swim start, I saw my friends who came to watch their first triathlon to see what it’s all about. It definitely put me in a better mood knowing that I had people there supporting me. By the time I got in the water, I only had about five minutes to warm up. But I didn’t let the lack of warming up get to me. I just kinda went with it. I jumped in line for the swim start around the middle of the pack. And after a few minutes I was off.

Staying warm in the wetsuit.

I told myself nice and easy like in the pool. Who cares if anyone passes me? And to my surprise I was the one actually passing people. People around me were struggling while I was actually swimming at a decent pace. However, I will say it was the most crowded swim I’ve ever encountered. People were bumping into each other everywhere. So instead of moving out of the way or slowing down, I kept plowing forward. I did breast stroke around the buoys again because it tends to bottleneck and it’s easier to stay on course and give myself a little breather. But once around the buoys it was freestyle again. Towards the middle of the swim I started to get really hot in my swimsuit. It was starting to feel like bathwater. Finally towards the very end of the swim, I breast stroked at the end again to catch my breathe to prepare for the bike. I actually decreased my swim time at this course by almost two minutes. Staying calm and at a steady pace really did help.

Exiting the water, running to T1.

Just when I thought I was getting my transitions down, I completely messed up this one. I was struggling to get my wetsuit over my GPS watch. I just could not pull it over. As I was fighting my wetsuit, I accidentally pressed something on my watch and this scale setting appeared. I didn’t know what it was so I was for sure I messed it up.

Feeling flustered while exiting to start the bike leg, I got my left foot clipped in but then my right foot slipped off and I almost lost my balance. That would have sucked if I fell, but I didn’t. The first time I did this course, I was struggling to turn on my bike computer while riding. This time my bike computer was on however it was not tracking my cadence. It gave my speed and distance but not cadence. A few weeks ago while riding on the Monon, my cadence sensor fell off and Bryan taped it back on for me, but the cadence has not worked since then. So the first five minutes on the bike were spent messing with my bike computer while trying not to fall while going around a few turns and downhills while hardly able to see because my eyes were watering so bad. Not such a good combination. I finally gave up on the bike computer, at least I had my speed. This was the most crowded bike course. I’m usually a lone rider because I get passed by everyone and end up riding alone. This time was different. I was surrounded by people – to the point there were so many people that you could not help but draft because there was no where to go. The entire time I was thinking that I was going to get a penalty or even DQ’ed. But so would everyone else. So I just focused on passing people. Again I was for sure I averaged 16mph because every time I looked down at my speed it was between 17 and 20mph. However my average was only 15.2mph but at least it was faster compared to the first time I raced this course last month with a speed of 14.4mph. On a side note, my dismount was flawless (pat on the back.)

Finishing the bike leg.

My second transition could have been faster, not really sure why it was 2 minutes long. That’s like free time. I need to take advantage of this free time and get faster at my transitions. When I started the run, the announcer gave me a shout out and I also passed Bryan and my friends so it gave me a little pep in my step. I wanted to stay around 8:00 minute miles. The first hill at the beginning of the run course did make my legs burn a little but once it flattened out, I was off. My goal was to not get passed by anyone. This was my turn to pass people. I may be awful on the bike but I refuse to be subpar on the run. I had a nice pace going on and didn’t feel tired. I did not take any water or gels, I just wanted to go to work. During the last mile, two really fit dudes passed me. Okay I guess I can handle getting passed by two dudes. As I was approaching the finish, some girl came out of no where and zoomed past me. Nooooooo! I started sprinting to catch her but there was not enough course left, it was time for the finish. I finished at 1:22:30, nearly six minutes faster than a month ago on this same course! I was shooting for sub 1:25 but surprised myself with the 6 minute PR.

All smiles on the run.

Looking at where I stand in my age group (12/17), I have to laugh. I’m in the middle of the pack for the swim (10/17), which I’m pleased with considering that I haven’t been swimming for very long. But my bike time/speed is brutal (15/17). Yes I did have a faster bike split compared to a month ago, but geeeeez I’m so bad on the bike it’s comical. Why am I so bad?!?!?! Patience. It will take time and work. I can’t expect to snap my fingers and voila I can ride at 19mph. So hopefully for my third triathlon here next month I can finally get to 16mph. And then comes the run leg (4/17). I’m at the top of my age group for running. I’m not surprised by this and wouldn’t settle for anything less. It’s just funny how unbalanced I am at these three disciplines.

My biggest fan. Love him.

So for Indy Sprint Tri #3 I’m shooting for sub 1:20. That’s only taking off two and a half minutes. Just by making my transitions 30 seconds faster, I’m half way there. I’m also hoping to finally reach that 16mph on the bike. Maybe take another minute off my my swim and also on the run. I’ll be coming off of my first olympic triathlon just a few weeks prior, so hopefully that will make this sprint seem like nothing. Here’s hoping!


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