Be Monumental Weeks 1-4

Week 1: 5M Easy

I can’t believe I’m already through week 4 of my marathon training for marathon #3. It’s gone by quick. One month down, three more to go! As mentioned in my previous training plan post, my first three weeks of training overlapped with my last three weeks of Olympic distance triathlon training. It was a little difficult to overlap the two but I made it work.

Week 1 started out with a rest day on Monday because it was Bryan and I’s two year wedding anniversary! We celebrated by having dinner at 45 Degrees Sushi, the location of our first date. Tuesday was a 2200yd swim and Wednesday was another rest day because my bestie was in town and the girls came over to my place for pizza and wine. Thursday morning I had computrainer class at 5:30am followed by a 5M easy run that evening. Friday was a 6.5M tempo run. I was supposed to run the tempo miles around 8:00min/mile pace but my legs were still heavy from cycling the day before so I hovered around 8:30 pace. Saturday I had the Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #2 which consisted of a 500m swim, 10M bike, and 3M run. I used the 3M run to replace my interval run for that week. My average run pace for the 3M was 8:07 and I clocked my fastest sprint time yet of 1:22:30! Sunday started out with a 9M long easy run at 9:41 pace. With my long runs (pace-plus) I try to stay between 20 to 50 seconds slower than race pace. Sunday evening I had another swim session of 1800yd. Week 1 Total Mileage: 23.5 miles + 2 swim sessions + 1 computrainer session + sprint triathlon.

Cross Training: Computrainer Class

Week 2 started out with intervals on Monday. Quality 2 consisted of 1.5M w/u, 6X800m at 10K pace w/ a 90 second jog in between and a 1M c/d however I only did a quarter mile c/d because I was exhausted. I ended up running my 800’s faster than 10K pace (8:10) at a pace of 7:30 to 7:45 instead. To be fast, you have to fun fast. So I decided to push myself. Tuesday was a rest day because I had an optometry dinner after work. Wednesday was also a rest day because I had a long day at work and would rather sulk with a glass of wine. Thursday I took a personal day from work so I was able to get in three workouts. I started out with computrainer class in the morning. Came home had lunch and took a nap. After my nap I swam 2000yd then ran 5M at easy pace. So this is what a professional  triathlete’s day feels like. Wake up early for workout #1, eat, nap, followed by two more workouts. I could get used to that. Friday was a rest day just because. Saturday was my long easy/pace-plus run of 11M at 9:36 ave pace. This run felt slow for the first 5 miles but then I felt strong for the second half running my last two miles at race pace. That evening I swam 2400yd. Sunday I had a 7.5M tempo run. Again my pace was only 8:32 for the tempo miles, it was so hot and humid and my legs were like jello so I couldn’t reach that 8:00 pace. After my run I swam 2000yd. Week 2 Total Mileage: 29 miles + 1 computrainer class + 3 swim sessions.

Week 2: 11M Pace-Plus

Week 3 was my last week of overlap! Whew! Monday started out with computrainer class in the evening. With our new hours at work, I don’t have to go to 5:30am class on Thursdays anymore! Tuesday was a 2300yd swim and Wednesday was a rest day. Thursday was a 5M easy run. Friday was interval day which was a 1.5M w/u, 1200m @ 10K pace with a 1 minute recovery jog followed by 400m @ 5K pace with a 3 minute recovery jog, repeat 2 more times and end w/ a 1.3M c/d. Again I pushed myself and ran the 1200m at 7:30 pace vs 8:10 and the 400m at 7:00 pace vs 7:45. Saturday after work I swam 1500yd to ease my mind before my Olympic Triathlon the next morning. Sunday was my first Olympic Triathlon! It consisted of a 1500m swim, 40K bike (25M) and a 10K run (check out my race report here). I used my 10K run of the triathlon as my tempo run for the week. And I used the 40K bike to replace my tempo run for the following week. Bryan convinced me to skip my long run this week and move it to next week so I wouldn’t be fatigued for my race. I really wanted to get in my 12M but he told me that I had been training all summer for this race so why would I throw it away? He was right. Something had to give so I decided to move my 12M run to week 4. Week 3 Total Mileage: 17.91M + 1 computrainer class + 2 swim sessions + Olympic distance triathlon.

Week 3: 5M Easy

Week 4 has been a little rough. Still on a race hangover from my olympic distance triathlon, I needed a few rest days. Monday should have been a hot yoga day but I just really wanted to get caught up on laundry and relax, so I did. Tuesday was a 6M easy run. Did my legs feel tight and heavy or what? This 6M was slooooooow. Wednesday was a rest day because I had another optometry dinner after work. Thursday should have been a run day but I was so tired all day at work that I could barely keep my eyes open. When I got home Bryan and I were both zombies sitting on the couch so we opted for Mexican food instead of working out….ooops! Friday I was back at it. Recovery time over, time to get my mojo back. Interval time. Quality 4 consisted of 4 X 1M repeats at 10K pace. I started off with a 1M w/u then followed by 4 X 1M repeats with a 3 minute recovery jog in between and a 1M c/d. I wanted to see how fast I could run my first mile so I really went for it and ran it in 7:20! My fastest mile ever! My next miles were 7:43, 7:53, 7:52 which were all faster than 10K pace. Woohoo! Saturday I took my time before my long run of 12M that I had to make up from last week. I slept in, something I don’t get to do often, had breakfast and then went out for my 12M run on the Monon and averaged a 9:38 pace. Nothing crazy just keeping it long and easy and within my pace-plus range. Sunday morning started off with a 1550yd swim after brunch followed  by a 9M run which was my scheduled long run for the week. Since I replaced my tempo run for the week with my 40K bike during the triathlon I was able to get in two long runs. Probably wasn’t the best decision to have all my runs compound each other. Bryan ran with me (or ahead of me and doubled back) and we ran to Butler University and then ran on the Central Canal Towpath to Broadripple and then back home on the Monon Trail. We were  both dragging. It was  hot and humid and we both had long workouts the day before – my 12M run and Bryan had a 2M swim and 60M bike in Louisville. So I took the first 4.5M slow but within my pace-plus range. Once in Broadripple all of a sudden I got a shooting pain in my right hip. It stopped me in my tracks and it felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife. I stretched it out and used this time for a water and gel break. Walking it out felt fine, no pain at all. But when I started to run again, it felt a little sore, but not like it did. So I decided to take the second half of the run extra slow. Snail pace slow and then picked it up for the last mile on the way home. It feels fine now, weird. After our run, I relaxed for an hour and then went to hot yoga. The session primarily focused on hip opening which was exactly what I needed. So happy I went to stretch out my tired legs and joints. Week 4 Total Mileage: 33.8 miles + 1 swim session + 1 hot yoga session.

Week 4: Mile Repeats

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