Be Monumental Weeks 9-12

Runsploration in Hong Kong.

These past four weeks were really important for me because it would be during my peak training. But it was the hardest because I was on vacation for two weeks. My goal was to run at least 3 days while on vacation and get in some cross training, but it didn’t go as planned. Week 9 was the week that I left for vacation. Coming off of my 18.5M run the day before, that Monday I went to hot yoga. Tuesday was a rest day because I had an optometry dinner after work. And Wednesday was a rest day because we had to drop Carson off at Gary & Connie’s and do some last minute packing for vacay. Let’s be honest, I could have ran before work, but we had so much going on that I just needed to squeeze in any amount of sleep I could. Thursday we were on a plane, so obviously no working out. Our flight left at 6:00am and we flew from Indy to Toronto and then Toronto to Hong Kong….holy long 15 hour flight! I wanted to catch up on sleep, but with all the movies on board, I couldn’t resist watching 3 or 4 movies. We arrived Friday afternoon in Hong Kong and by the time we checked into the hotel, working out wasn’t going to happen. So we went out to explore the city. With my body all whacked out on what time it was, I woke up at 3:00am Saturday morning and forced myself to go back to sleep for a few hours. Bryan and I went for an easy run early in the morning along Victoria Harbour. It was such a gorgeous view of the city with the sun rising. I wanted to get in a nice tempo, but it was over 80 degrees and the humidity was in the 90’s. I felt like I was running in slow motion. I was working extra hard just to run at a 10:20 pace! That heat and humidity was no joke! I was not expecting it. I ended up running 4.7M along the harbor. Sunday morning we woke up before the sunrise again and went out for a sunrise run. It was still hot and humid but I knew what to expect this time. I ran 5M at a 9:36 pace. Still slow, but definitely better than the day before. It was a great way to explore the city and immerse ourselves into the Hong Kong Culture. We saw so many older people up early walking, running, and doing various exercises along the harbor. Week 9 Total Mileage: 9.7 miles + 1 hot yoga session.

Runsploration along Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

Week 10 was non existent for running. That Monday we flew from Hong Kong to Singapore. With only having just under 2 days in Singapore and a lot to see, we wanted to maximize our time. So we immediately started exploring the city. My goal was to wake up early Tuesday morning and run, but the jetlag had finally caught up to us. We both woke up feeling groggy and wanted to sleep in a little before sight seeing. Wednesday we flew from Singapore to Bali. I knew Wednesday would be a rest day, but when were walking around Ubud, I knew that running there would be hopeless. #1 there was so much to see, do, and eat. #2 There was no where to run! The side walks were very uneven and narrow and we had to be careful of each step so we wouldn’t step on an “offering” that were everywhere or fall into a hole. And the roads were so tiny and jam packed with cars and mopeds. Our villa didn’t have a fitness center. So it just wasn’t going to happen. Thursday was an all day sightseeing adventure exploring the Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Rice Fields, and temples. We didn’t get much sleep that night because we were up at 1:00am to get picked up for our sunrise hike up Mt. Batur, a volcano on the northern part of Bali. The description of the hike was “easy” but there wasn’t anything easy about it. The hike was in the dark obviously so we could get to the top before the sunrise. And the path was narrow at times with drop-offs on each side. All we had were little flashlights and our guides. Some areas were so steep and my feet would slide in the ash and I was afraid of falling backwards. The hike up the mountain/volcano was probably around 2M of hard hiking and then obviously 2M back down after watching the sunrise, having breakfast, checking out the crater, and playing with monkeys. My butt, quads, and hamstrings were so sore afterwards. This definitely counted as a cross training session! Saturday morning before leaving Ubud for Seminyak, we went to a yoga session at the Yoga Barn. It was the most serene location ever in existence for yoga. It was like a giant tree house in the jungle but without walls so you could smell and feel the air. You could hear birds and insects and children playing on the streets below. It was definitely an experience and the most tranquil yoga class I’ve ever been to. Week 10 Total Mileage: 0 miles + 5 hour hike up mountain/volano + 1 yoga session.

The easy part of our hiking trail up Mt. Batur.
The Yoga Barn, Ubud Bali.

Week 11 wasn’t much better than week 10 when it came to running. With three days left in Bali, we were now staying at the beach in Seminyak. I thought the roads would be a little more open since it was a bigger town. Wrong. Even more cars and mopeds and unsafe sidewalks. Hmmm….maybe I could run on the beach? We were already laying on the beach relaxing when I knew I should have brought my running shoes to the beach with me. I was so mad at myself when I saw a handful of people running on the beach. But then I remembered, Melissa you’re on vacation. Take it all in and relax. So I did. The next morning we were so burnt from the beach that the feel of my clothes on my skin was slightly irritating. We made the mistake of forgetting lotion. Ooops! Our two week crazy vacation came to an end on Tuesday when we flew from Bali to Hong Kong to Vancouver to Toronto to Indy. We had a 6 hour layover at each stop. So even though we technically should have gained a day, with all the layovers we still arrived home Wednesday afternoon. Okay back to reality, Thursday full day at work with a full schedule of patients. Panic attack hits out of nowhere. Okay so no running for me Thursday night. I just felt so out of it and like I needed to sleep for days. Friday full day at work and another panic attack. Seriously what is going on here. Okay lets take another rest day to just sleep. I thought about going to hot yoga but my body physically just did not want to move. Total Zombie mode. Saturday full day at work. Feeling a little better. Decided to go for an easy run that evening but was stopped dead in my tracks at 1.84M. *Warning TMI* I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I thought something bad was about to happen on the Monon. So I veered towards are house and called it a night. Okay Sunday morning, this was a big day 17M run. Woke up slowly, had breakfast, watching Eat, Pray, Love when again out of no where a panic attack hits and this time, I thought I was dying. My heart was racing, I was hyperventilating, I was shaking and getting hot flushes throughout my body. This was not like the panic attacks that I had experienced two years ago. In the moment when it’s happening it literally feels like I’m dying. The logical side of my brain says, hey Melissa it’s a panic attack, it will pass and you’re not dying so stay calm. But the panic side of my brain is freaking out. It’s like my body was literally rejecting the fact that we were back from vacation and it wanted to stay in Bali. Week 11 Total Mileage: 1.84 miles….whomp whomp.

Layover. Vancouver maybe?

Week 12….okay Melissa pull yourself together. Nearly a month out from my marathon now and I’m falling apart at the seams. Monday I went to hot yoga. Thought it best to get some zen in my life. With all the panic attacks it couldn’t hurt. Tuesday I decided to tackle running again. I set out for a 6M easy run. Felt okay the first 3 miles. Then at mile 4 my stomach started to get a little rumbly. I kept running thinking it would pass. I stopped at the water fountain on 54th St. for a minute to assess the situation. Okay something bad is about to happen so I decided to take my chances and run home. It was just under a mile to our house and it was the longest span of time ever. I don’t know how I held it together because when I got home, it was bad….I’m sure you get the idea. So that was awesome. I only ended up getting in 5.11M of my 6M run and almost sh*t myself on the monon. Wednesday back to hot yoga it was so I could pull myself back together. Thursday night another hot yoga session. I thought the extra yoga sessions would finally get my mind and body working together again. Friday I was bound and determined to get my run on. It was happening. I set out for intervals. It was cold and rainy outside but I didn’t care. My workout was a 1M w/u, 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 1M c/d w/ recovery jogs in between for a total of 7.19M. These were a lot harder than they were a month ago. The couple weeks off of no running felt like it set me back. I hit my 5K and 10K paces for the intervals, but it wasn’t easy. I usually run those even faster than my goal pace to push myself further, but this time, I stayed right on prescribed pace. I ended running 7M in total. Saturday was a rest day after work. My plan was to run an 8.5M tempo but again it was cold, windy, and gross outside and I just wanted to relax. Sunday was a big day for me. 20 mile training run. No way getting around this. I had missed my last 3 long runs of 17, 13, and 12, so this had to be done. I set out solo on the Monon until I reached the Canal Towpath in Broadripple. I ran the entire length of the Canal Towpath to 30th St. and turned back around and ran back to Broadripple. I hit Broadripple around mile 12.6 and then ran north on the Monon until I hit 15 miles and then turned around to run home. I reached our house at 20.35 miles with an average pace of 9:47. Not bad for having two almost three weeks off of running. The first 5 miles are always rough trying to get into a rhythm. But miles 6-17 felt great. Miles 17-20 were tough. My body was starting to take a beating, but I pushed through it and finished strong. I was finally starting to feel like myself again post vacation. Week 12 Total Mileage: 32.65 miles + 3 hot yoga sessions.

20 miler training run.

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