Be Monumental Weeks 13-16

Post 20 miler with the hubs….salty faces.

Week 13 started off a little slow due to just coming off of my 20 mile training run. Monday and Tuesday were much needed hot yoga sessions to stretch out my sore muscles and joints. Wednesday was a 6M easy run. Thursday ended up being a rest day. Bryan and I had a date night to Hop Cat for beers and dinner. I love midweek date nights to take the edge off. Friday was intervals in the rain. I love intervals in the rain. So exhilarating, they’re my favorite. The workout was a 1M w/u, 1200m @ 10K pace w/ a 1 minute recovery run followed by a 400m @ 5K pace w/ a 3 minute recovery run and repeat 2 more times, and ending w/ a 1.25M c/d. I was able to get my speed back with these. Saturday was a hot yoga session after work. Sunday was my final long run before my taper – my second 20 miler. I was still sore from my 20 miler the week before, so I knew this would be brutal. Back to back 20’s. Yuck! So Bryan being the amazing husband that he is decided to run with me and he picked the route. So all I had to do was just run. We headed south on the Monon towards downtown. Once the Monon ended we ran down Mass Ave through downtown until we got to the Canal. We took the Canal to the White River Trail until this connected to the Central Canal Towpath. We then took the Canal Towpath all the way to the end in Broadripple. Once in Broadripple we ran North on the Monon until we needed to turn back around and head South to our home. Exactly 20 miles. It was a great route. I’ll have to use this for my long runs in the future. This 20 miler was so much harder than the run the week before. My body wasn’t recovered from the first one and I could definitely feel it. My average pace was 9:51 per mile. A little slower than I would have liked, but at least I got it done. I’m so thankful that Bryan ran with me because otherwise I may have given up. Week 13 Total Mileage: 32.15 miles + 3 hot yoga sessions.

Back to Back 20 milers….ouch!

Week 14 was blah. I  started off the week with hot yoga on Monday and Tuesday again for active recovery from my back to back 20 milers. Wednesday was a rest day because I had a dinner date with my friend Smash. Thursday was a 5M easy run, but I was still feeling the pain in my right hip from those long runs. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were rest days….I now had a cold. Dang running in the rain! Sore throat, congested, and fatigue. So now I was nursing the beginning of an injury and a sickness….awesome. Yah, I know it’s taper time, but that doesn’t mean no running at all. I was really bummed coming off of two great weeks. It’s like I take two steps back for every step forward….very frustrating. Week 14 Total Mileage: 5 miles + 2 hot yoga sessions.

Post 11.15M Pace-Plus.

Week 15 was time to get back at it. I kicked my cold in the butt and was feeling better, however my right hip was still bothering me. I really needed to get in my long run from the weekend that I missed – 12M. Monday right after work, I set out for my long run. It’s weird running a long run during the week and not over the weekend. I ran from our house to Butler to the Canal Towpath and headed South towards the IMA. Once at the IMA I turned around to head back North towards Broadripple. In Broadripple the sun was starting to set and I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to get in the full 12 miles. Ahhh, if only I started my run 10 minutes earlier! The first 7 miles were slow and my body did not feel good. But after mile 7 my body finally felt warmed up and I was in the zone. I ended up running 11.15M at a 9:20 pace before it was too dark outside to run safely. Tuesday was hot yoga. Wednesday was my final day of intervals: 1M w/u, 6X800m @ 10K pace, 1M c/d. All my intervals were between 7:19 and 7:29 pace, which is even faster than my 5K pace. I was on fire. I felt great and was consistent. Thursday was another hot yoga session. This session rocked. Maybe it was because I had a one hour therapeutic massage and realignment at the chiropractor before work or it was just an awesome yoga class or both,  but I just felt zen and in the moment the entire class. Friday was a rest day. Bryan and I went to La Piedad for some delicious Mexican food instead of running my 5M easy pace….oops. Saturday ended up being at 6.7M progression run. It was supposed to be a 6.5M tempo run, but for some reason I just couldn’t get up to speed. My legs felt okay but my breathing was off and I felt nauseated just after one mile. Sunday I met my friend Leslie in Broadripple for my last “long” easy run of 8 miles. She is also running the monumental next week. She is training for the half so she had a 12 mile training run, so we decided to both run 10 miles instead. I was going to finish off the week with another hot yoga session that weekend but ended up falling asleep on the couch watching tv for a nice afternoon nap. Week 15 Total Mileage: 33.60 miles (my week 14 and 15 kinda overlap because my long run was on Monday instead of Sunday) + 2 hot yoga sessions.

Week 15: last long run of training – 10 miles!

Week 16 is finally here! The final countdown. I can’t believe it’s already race week, the weeks flew by. Monday started off with a hot yoga session. Tuesday was 2M miles at race pace. A whole 18 minutes of running haha….didn’t even feel like a workout or break a sweat. I can definitely tell I’m tapered because my body feels great. I will have to refrain from starting too fast the first few miles of race day. Wednesday is a rest day and I have a dinner date with my Jagerettes in Brip. Thursday is 3M at race pace followed by a 2M easy jog on Friday to loosen up. Saturday is race day! Sunday will be recovery day. Week 16 Total Mileage: 7 miles + Monumental Marathon + 1 hot yoga session.

Week 16: Taper time! 2M at race pace.

I’m already getting the nervous race jitters just thinking about it. I’ve had my race outfit picked our for months now, but the weather is throwing me for a loop. Race day temp keeps dropping. It started out at 58 and now the high is supposed to be 47 with a low of 30 the night before. So the start of the race will be below freezing! I can’t decide if I still want to go with my tank, arm warmers and shorts or if I want to switch to a long sleeved shirt and/or capris. So if the race start is 30 degrees plus increase in body temp by 20 degrees that is still only 50 degrees and I would definitely want my long sleeved shirt. Bryan told me to stick with my original race outfit since I tend to overdress anyways. But I have a feeling it’s going to be really cold. I think my cutoff temperature for the race start is 35 degrees. So I guess I’ll have to wait a few more days and then make a last minute decision which I hate. I also decided to race in my New Balance 890v2. These were my trainers last year for the Chicago Marathon although I never raced in them. I’ve ran up to 19 miles in them and I ran my last two long runs of 11 and 10 in them recently and they felt great. They are a little lighter weight compared to my Adidas Boost which I wore for the Carmel Marathon and did my training in for this marathon. Something about the New Balance are calling my name for this race so I think I’m gonna go with it. Bryan is going to jump in the race around mile 10.5 when it goes by our house so he can keep me at pace and give me some mental support… husband ever. When he ran with me during the Mini in May, he ran me to a PR of 1:54 so I’m hoping the same will happen for this race in trying to break 4 hours. I guess I’ll find out Saturday! I just need to remember to trust my training, stay glued to my pace, and repeat mind over matter because it’s time for me to ‘be monumental.’

Be Monumental.

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