500 Festival Mini Marathon 2015

My 4th Consecutive Mini Marathon.

500 Festival Mini Marathon

Indianapolis, IN

May 2, 2015

Time: 1:56:10   Pace: 8:51

Overall: 3855/22465

Gender: 982/12077

Age Group: F30-34, 155/1696

5K: 28:38   Pace: 9:12

Brickyard: 1:08:39   Pace: 8:54

11M: 1:38:12   Pace: 8:55

The Mini Marathon has become my annual tradition. 2015 was my 4th consecutive year. And I always PR this race, always. I usually specifically train for this race. However, I came off of a bad marathon and half marathon so didn’t really get to put in any focus on this race. I was hoping that my fitness would just carry over, but not so much. I also had just started training with a coach for my running so I was more focused on building for my half ironman coming up than tapering for this race. My coach told me to hold an 8:30 pace,  but I would have to do it on tired legs since I had had been building my cycling legs.

Bryan ran with me per usual to keep me at pace. Right from the start my legs weren’t feeling it. They just felt heavy. The first mile I kept it easy to get warmed up. The second mile I needed a restroom. I thought maybe I could hold it but I couldn’t concentrate if I didn’t go so I found a port-o-potty between miles 2 and 3. Apparently I was moving slow because I lost a good chuck of time. Oh well, just needed to pick it back up. I still kept it somewhat slow thinking it was just taking me awhile to get in my groove. Not even Bryan running ahead of me was working.

My race pics are getting better!

Bryan gave me a pep talk when we got onto the track. Enough easy miles time to speed it up. I felt like I picked up the pace but every time I looked down at my watch it was staying just shy of 9:00min/mi pace. My legs felt like toast. Being the emotional runner that I am, this obviously mentally toyed with my head.

Running on the track….around mile 7ish?

After the track I attempted to pick it up the last few miles to the finish which I did slightly but still no where near my goal. Note to self, don’t expect a PR when training for a half ironman and you have cycling legs. In the end it’s just running. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I need to enjoy running itself and embrace the gift of being able to run than focusing solely on my next PR. This race was the perfect reminder. Sure I was a little annoyed that I didn’t race like I wanted to but it’s still a race that I finished. I still get a medal at the end and I still get a tasty brunch afterwards with the husband and fam.

The hubs and I; we didn’t mean to match.
The Schmidt Fam.


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