Firecracker 6: 2015

fire2Firecracker 6 (6M)

Indianapolis, IN

July 4, 2015

Time: 49:56   Pace: 8:20

Overall: 200/702

Gender: 62/370

Age Group: F30-34, 16/72

First 3M: 25:21 (Pace 8:27)   Second 3M: 24:35 (Pace 8:12)

The Firecracker 6 has been a recent tradition for me. This was my third year running. Although it’s been almost a year since I ran this race, I still remember it vividly. And as I write this, I feel the temptation to register for this year’s race (I decided to break my streak and not run it this year since I have bigger fish to fry next week….70.3 Muncie).

I used this run to test my legs out. I had not run much in May and June last year due to shin splints so I wasn’t quite sure how I would fare. I ran mainly on feel but still kept my pace in the back of my mind. Naturally I wanted to PR but why injure myself more before my first 70.3 a week later?! Actually running on feel was a lot more fun than I had expected – it took the pressure off and I could just run and be free.

Mile 4ish

And you know what happens when I run for fun?! I actually have a smile on my face! I’m notorious for awful race photos. I’m sure most runners know the feeling but mine are completely and utterly awful. But as I creeped through my race photos and the pics Bryan took as I ran past I actually looked like I was running happy.


The picture above was captured by Bryan as I ran past him and our friend Chris as they were setting up for the Indypendence Day Street Fest downtown. Look at that smile! You may be wondering about the caption as well. Last summer while training for my first Half Ironman I had to make a lot of sacrifices. I had to skip dinner with friends and late nights out. I would go to bed at 8pm on Friday night to wake up early on Saturday morning to ride my bike for 3 hours. Not everyone gets it. I had many family members and friends asking me why I was doing this. I kept having to explain myself. Sometimes it’s hard to put it into words but I enjoy running. I enjoy pushing myself. I enjoy setting a goal and achieving it. A Half Ironman seemed like the natural progression after running marathons and racing in numerous sprint triathlons. Friends would ask me if I was unhappy with my marriage because I ran all the time. Family members would say I only do it because Bryan does it. Instead of seeing the beauty in my dedication and the positive outlook it had on my life people wanted to over analyze why I was doing it. Can’t the simple answer be that I just enjoy running? Can’t I be running for myself and not for anyone else? Are these answers too scary for people to accept? I am and always have been happy in my marriage. Yes, Bryan was a big inspiration in running my first marathon and signing up for a Half Ironman, but all the other runners and triathletes are my inspiration too. It’s awesome to not have to explain myself to my husband, he gets me because he enjoys running and triathlons too. He’s my biggest fan and supporter whether it be my crazy idea to run a marathon, start CrossFit or even eventually get yoga certified because I love yoga so much. But most importantly, I run because it makes me happy. The picture above with the big smile plastered on my face as I run by exudes this happiness. And I can’t help but smile as I reread the caption and think back to this race last year. Not to mention, I’m a much better human when I’m working out on the regular – I eat healthier, I prioritize, I’m more productive, and I get shit done. 

My Carson Bear last year on 4th of July.

After my run happy race, I got to snuggle with my fur baby Carson bear and lay in the sun with Kona wolf.

Post race bronzing with miss Kona.
After running and chilling in the sun it was finally time to celebrate 4th of July with some fun on Georgia St. at the Indypendence Day Street Fest watching Panic At The Disco perform with my shishy!

My sis and I at the Indypendence Day Street Fest on Georgia St.

My shish and I.


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