About Me

Hi World! Welcome to my fitness blog Eye Love My Fit. I hope you enjoy following my journey in becoming a marathon runner and triathlete while maintaining a healthy lifestyle along the way.  I’m a thirty-something eye doctor living in downtown Indianapolis with my husband and fur babies. I love chihuahuas, extra dirty vodka martinis, cupcakes, and traveling the world.

I am a newbie endurance runner. The world of endurance sports is somewhat foreign to  me. I was introduced to it in 2011 when my husband started competing in marathons and triathlons. He has been a major inspiration for me from the beginning. This blog will follow my success and struggles as I compete in various races and continue to improve in my endurance, strength, and speed. These pages will capture my half marathons, marathons, and triathlons and how I felt before and after each competition.

I am also a newcomer to CrossFit. Although I grew up playing competitive soccer, I have no past experience with weight-lifting. I am the queen of awkward moments in CrossFit.  These pages will share my many awkward CrossFit moments as I learn different lifting moves and skills while taking myself outside my comfort zone

I have always been a lover of hot yoga and have been practicing hot yoga for over three years now. Not only does it tone and trim the body,  but it is thereapeutic in releasing the mind of stress and toxic thoughts. I love the feel of an hour long sweat session. These pages will also include my experiences in hot yoga and how it has enhanced my life physically and mentally.

In addition to my training, I will also be transitioning into a pescetarian/part time vegetarian regimen. Being the carnivore that I am, this will be a major struggle and slow process.  Follow my battle as I evolve into a healthier lifestyle.

On top of all the training and athletic competitions, I’m a full-time optometrist at Lanter  Eye Care & Laser Surgery. I look at eyeballs all day and consider myself an eye nerd. I love frames and sunglasses and helping patients see their best. I received my Doctor of Optometry degree from Indiana University School of Optometry in 2012. Before my O.D., I also received my Masters in Public Health from Indiana University School of Medicine in 2008 and my Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Clemson University in 2006 (Go Tigers!).

This blog serves to track my progress thoughout my journey and hold me accountable. It will allow me to easily reflect on past races and experiences to improve and overcome the future challenges. Thank you for visiting Eye Love My Fit and maybe you will find the motivation and inspiration to run your first race just as I did. A special thank you to my husband, family, and friends for your love and support.

xoxo, Melissa

Optometrist @ Lanter Eye Care & Laser Surgery

Triathlon Team: Tri-Loco Indy

Computrainer/Coaching: Fitness Lab Indy

Bike Fitting: 51 Speed Shop

Hot Yoga: The Yoga Studio (Broadripple)

CrossFit Box: CrossFit Naptown

drink russian | drive german | wear italian | kiss french | be persian


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